A small selection of the many, varied projects we have completed.

Replant a large lawn.
Initial preparation for replacing the sward on this 2-acre lawn was with a tractor mounted box rake. Trenches were dug to hold the cables for the spotlights. The whole area was de-stoned and levelled. Once an acceptable tilth was achieved, top quality fescue seed (supplied by George Duncan Agri Solutions) was sown using a self propelled seeder. The seed germinated evenly and beautifully, and the resulting lawn will provide pleasure for years to come.

Install an artificial lawn.
The area was prepared with a mini excavator. The area exhibited poor drainage, and perforated pipe was laid across the plot. The trench was filled with pea gravel, the area levelled and gravel boards installed. Weed suppressing membrane was then spread, and filled with pea gravel and sharp sand. The artificial grass (supplied by The Grass Factory) was laid and fixed in place. Finally, 40mm purple slate chips completed the border.

For more on artificial grass see our 'Artificial Turf (Grass Factory)' page.

A lock block drive.
The original top surface was removed with a mini digger. Levels were set using boards selected for their straightness and the base was laid. The wall and rockery were rebuilt and great care was taken with the edging. The finished drive extension provides a long-lasting, hard wearing, very low maintenance area which also looks fabulous.

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